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Installing The Linkedin Pixel On Your Site




To successfully install and configure the LinkedIn Pixel on your website through GTM, ensuring seamless integration for enhanced advertising performance on LinkedIn.


Ideal Outcome

The LinkedIn Pixel is correctly implemented on your site, enabling you to utilize advanced LinkedIn advertising features without any technical issues.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • LinkedIn Ad Account: Access to an active LinkedIn Ad account is required. Sign up here if you do not have one.
  • Google Tag Manager Setup: Your website should have GTM set up. Refer to the relevant SOPs based on your website platform:
    • SOP 004 (web version) for WordPress
    • SOP 065 (web version) for Shopify
    • SOP 066 (web version) for Squarespace


Why This Service?

  • Enhanced Advertising Capabilities: Unlocks LinkedIn’s full suite of advertising tools for more effective campaigns.
  • Accurate Conversion Tracking: Precisely track conversions resulting from LinkedIn ads to measure ROI.
  • Effective Remarketing: Enables you to retarget website visitors on LinkedIn, increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Demographic Insights: Gain valuable insights into the demographics of your website visitors from LinkedIn.
  • Technical Expertise: Ensures the technical setup is handled correctly, avoiding common pitfalls.


When to Use This Service

  • Advertising Campaign Preparation: Before launching advertising campaigns on LinkedIn.
  • Website Updates or Launch: When launching a new website or updating your current site.
  • Enhancing Marketing Strategies: As part of an effort to enhance your digital marketing strategies with LinkedIn ads.


Process for LinkedIn Pixel Installation

  • LinkedIn Pixel Creation:

    • Create a LinkedIn Pixel within your LinkedIn Ad account.
  • Google Tag Manager Configuration:

    • Configure Google Tag Manager on your website to incorporate the LinkedIn Pixel.
  • Pixel Integration:

    • Integrate the LinkedIn Pixel into GTM and ensure it is correctly firing on all relevant website pages.
  • Testing and Verification:

    • Test the pixel implementation to ensure it is capturing data correctly and is fully functional.
  • Training and Documentation:

    • Provide training on how to utilize the LinkedIn Pixel data and offer comprehensive documentation for future reference.
  • Campaign Setup Assistance:

    • Offer assistance in setting up your first LinkedIn advertising campaign utilizing the pixel data.
  • Ongoing Support:

    • Provide ongoing support for any LinkedIn Pixel-related queries or issues.


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