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Install Sumo In Any Site Using Gtm




To successfully integrate the Sumo plugin with a website through Google Tag Manager, enabling the use of Sumo’s marketing tools for website growth.


Ideal Outcome

Effective installation of the Sumo plugin, with all its features operational, leading to an increase in email list subscribers and website traffic.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Google Tag Manager Installation: An active Google Tag Manager (GTM) setup on the website. For assistance, refer to SOP 004 (web version) for Google Tag Manager installation.
  • Sumo Account: An active account with Sumo.
  • Basic Familiarity: A basic understanding of how Google Tag Manager and Sumo work.


Why This Service?

  • Enhanced Marketing Tools: Sumo provides essential tools for growing a website’s email list and increasing traffic.
  • Centralized Management: Installing Sumo through GTM allows for centralized management of website tools.
  • Ease of Use: GTM simplifies the process of adding and updating website plugins without altering site code.
  • Scalability: As the website grows, Sumo can be easily configured to match changing marketing needs.
  • Performance Tracking: Sumo offers insights into website performance, aiding in strategic marketing decisions.


When to Use This Service

  • Starting Email Marketing: When initiating or enhancing an email marketing strategy.
  • Boosting Website Traffic: To increase website traffic and engagement.
  • Website Revamps: During website updates or redesigns, especially to improve marketing capabilities.
  • Implementing Growth Tools: When incorporating tools for lead generation and audience engagement.


Process for Installing Sumo via Google Tag Manager

  • Prepare Sumo Account:

    • Sign up or log in to your Sumo account and retrieve the installation code.
  • Access Google Tag Manager:

    • Log into your GTM dashboard.
  • Configure Sumo Tag:

    • Create a new tag in GTM for Sumo and paste the installation code.
  • Set Triggers:

    • Define triggers to determine when Sumo should be active on the site.
  • Test the Integration:

    • Utilize GTM’s preview mode to test Sumo’s functionality.
  • Publish Changes:

    • Once confirmed working, publish the changes to make Sumo live on your site.
  • Monitor and Optimize:

    • Continuously monitor Sumo’s performance and make adjustments as needed for optimal results.
  • Documentation:

    • Document the installation process for future reference or team training.


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