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Granting Access To Google Tag Manager




To provide authorized access to your Google Tag Manager account to a designated new user, enabling them to manage and implement tracking codes on your website.


Ideal Outcome

A new user successfully obtains the necessary permissions to access and manage your GTM account, enabling them to add or modify pixels and other codes as required.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Admin Access to GTM Account: Must have administrative rights to the Google Tag Manager account.
  • Google Tag Manager Setup: If GTM is not yet set up on your website, follow these SOPs:
    • SOP 004 (web version) for WordPress websites.
    • SOP 065 (web version) for Shopify stores.
    • SOP 066 (web version) for Squarespace sites.


Why This Service?

  • Efficient Management: Enables quick and effective implementation of tracking codes and pixels.
  • Controlled Access: Grants appropriate level of access to new users while maintaining security and control over your GTM account.
  • Collaboration Enhancement: Facilitates collaboration with external teams or agencies on web analytics and marketing initiatives.
  • Time-Saving: Reduces the time spent by you on managing tracking code implementations.


When to Use This Service

  • New Team Member: When a new employee or team member requires access to implement or manage tracking codes.
  • Hiring External Agencies: When contracting with external agencies for marketing, analytics, or website optimization services.
  • Expanding Web Analytics Capabilities: Whenever there is a need to enhance your website's tracking and analytics capabilities through GTM.
  • Access Control Management: Regularly, to manage and review the access rights of different users.


Process for Granting Access to GTM

  • Access Review:

    • Assess current access levels and determine the appropriate level of access for the new user.
  • User Invitation:

    • Send an invitation to the new user’s email address directly from the GTM interface.
  • Access Level Assignment:

    • Assign appropriate access levels (e.g., user, editor, admin) based on the user's role and responsibilities.
  • Verification:

    • Ensure that the user has accepted the invitation and can access the GTM account.
  • Guidance and Instructions:

    • Provide necessary instructions and guidelines to the new user for managing tracking codes.
  • Security Check:

    • Perform a security check to ensure that the user's access does not compromise the account's integrity.
  • Monitoring:

    • Monitor the changes made by the new user, especially during the initial period, to ensure compliance with best practices.
  • Feedback and Support:

    • Provide ongoing support and feedback to the new user as required.