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Granting Access To Google Analytics




To securely grant access to your Google Analytics property to a new user, enabling them to run analyses and create reports for your site.


Ideal Outcome

The intended user (employee, contractor, or agency) successfully gains the appropriate level of access to your Google Analytics account, allowing for effective collaboration and data analysis.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Admin Access to Google Analytics: You must have administrative access to the Google Analytics account.
  • Google Analytics Account: If you do not have a Google Analytics account, follow SOP 009 (web version) to set it up.


Why This Service?

  • Secure Data Sharing: Allows you to share your Google Analytics data securely without sharing your personal login details.
  • Collaborative Analysis: Enables multiple users to work on the same analytics data, enhancing team collaboration and productivity.
  • Custom Access Levels: You can control the level of access granted to each user, ensuring they only see what they need.
  • Efficient Management: Streamlines the process of managing who has access to your analytics data.
  • Flexibility: Facilitates the addition and removal of users as your business needs change.


When to Use This Service

  • Onboarding New Team Members: When new employees or contractors require access to analytics data.
  • Engaging with Agencies: While starting a collaboration with an agency that needs analytics data access.
  • Changing Access Rights: Whenever you need to update the access levels for existing users.


Process for Granting Access to Google Analytics

  • User Identification:

    • Identify the user(s) to whom you wish to grant access, along with the required access level.
  • Access Level Determination:

    • Determine the appropriate level of access (e.g., Read & Analyze, Edit, Manage Users) based on the user’s role and responsibilities.
  • Account Configuration:

    • Configure the Google Analytics account to add the new user with the determined access level.
  • Verification and Testing:

    • Verify that the user has been successfully added and test to ensure they have the correct level of access.
  • User Orientation:

    • Provide necessary orientation or training to the new user on how to use Google Analytics effectively.
  • Documentation and Records:

    • Maintain documentation of who has been granted access and their access levels.
  • Ongoing Management:

    • Provide ongoing management of user access, making adjustments as needed for changing roles or business needs.