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Create An Automated Search Query Report




To set up an automated process for exporting data from Google Search Console to a Google Sheet, enhancing data analysis capabilities and extending data backup duration.


Ideal Outcome

Efficient and automated data transfer from Google Search Console to Google Sheets, resulting in an accessible, user-friendly format for extended analysis and data backup.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Google Search Console Setup: An existing Google Search Console setup is required. If not set up, refer to SOP 020 (web version) for guidance.


Why This Service?

  • Extended Data Access: Overcomes the limitation of the 90-day data retention in Google Search Console.
  • Enhanced Data Analysis: Google Sheets offers more flexibility and advanced options for analyzing search data.
  • Backup Security: Ensures long-term data backup, safeguarding against data loss or limitations in historical data access.
  • Custom Reporting: Allows for the creation of custom reports tailored to specific SEO and business needs.
  • Automation Efficiency: Once set up, the process runs automatically, saving time and resources.


When to Use This Service

  • Initial Setup: This setup is done once to establish the ongoing automated data export.
  • Regular Monitoring: Ideal for SEO managers and website owners who require regular and detailed search data analysis.
  • SEO Strategy Development: Essential for developing and adjusting SEO strategies based on historical data trends.


Process for Setting Up Automated Data Export

  • Integration Setup:

    • Guide you through linking Google Search Console with Google Sheets using appropriate tools and scripts.
  • Automated Script Configuration:

    • Set up and configure scripts or add-ons to automate the data export process.
  • Data Mapping and Structure:

    • Organize the exported data in Google Sheets for easy analysis and interpretation.
  • Custom Report Creation:

    • Develop custom reports and dashboards within Google Sheets based on your specific SEO and data analysis needs.
  • Scheduling Automatic Updates:

    • Schedule regular data updates to ensure you always have the latest information available.
  • Training and Support:

    • Provide training on how to interpret and make the most of the data in Google Sheets.
    • Offer ongoing support for any technical issues or adjustments needed.