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Create a Lookalike Audience




To create a Lookalike Audience in Facebook Business Manager that mirrors the traits of your existing audience, enabling you to extend your ad campaigns to new, relevant users in a target country.


Ideal Outcome

By the end of this process, you will have a fully configured Lookalike Audience in your chosen country, ready to be utilized for expanding your Facebook Ads audience effectively.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Google Tag Manager: Ensure GTM is installed on your WordPress site (SOP 004 (web version)).
  • Business Manager Account: A Business Manager account should be created (SOP 010 (web version)).
  • Facebook Pixel: Install the Facebook Pixel on your website (SOP 005 (web version) or SOP 068 (web version) for Shopify).
  • Facebook Conversion Tracking: Set up conversion tracking on Facebook (SOP 017 (web version)).
  • Domain Verification: Verify your domain in Facebook Business Manager (SOP 97 (web version)).


Why This Service?

  • Audience Expansion: Effectively scale your prospecting campaigns by reaching new audiences similar to your existing customers.
  • Targeting Precision: Enhance ad targeting by focusing on users with similar characteristics to your current audience.
  • Campaign Efficiency: Improve the ROI of your ad campaigns by targeting more qualified leads.
  • Market Penetration: Enter new markets or demographic segments smoothly with data-driven audience targeting.
  • Strategic Growth: Use Lookalike Audiences as a strategic tool for business expansion and increased brand awareness.


When to Use This Service

  • Campaign Scaling: When you are ready to scale your advertising efforts and reach new potential customers.
  • Entering New Markets: As you plan to expand your business into new geographical locations or markets.
  • Enhancing Ad Performance: To improve the effectiveness of existing campaigns by targeting new but similar audiences.


Process for Creating a Facebook Lookalike Audience

  • Source Audience Selection:

    • Identify and select the source audience based on which the Lookalike Audience will be created.
  • Lookalike Audience Creation:

    • Create a Lookalike Audience in Facebook Business Manager using the selected source audience.
  • Geographical Targeting:

    • Specify the target country for the Lookalike Audience to ensure alignment with your market expansion goals.
  • Parameter Setting:

    • Set parameters for the Lookalike Audience, such as size and demographic details, to match your campaign objectives.
  • Integration with Campaigns:

    • Integrate the newly created Lookalike Audience into your Facebook Ad campaigns.
  • Testing and Optimization:

    • Test the performance of the Lookalike Audience and optimize it for better results.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustment:

    • Continuously monitor the audience’s performance and make necessary adjustments for ongoing improvement.
  • Reporting and Analysis:

    • Provide regular reports on the performance of the Lookalike Audience and its impact on your campaigns.