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Create A Facebook Ads Creative Brief




To equip designers with a high-level understanding of the client's business and specific guidelines that will enable them to create effective, high-quality creatives that meet the campaign's needs.


Ideal Outcome

Designers will be able to produce compelling and relevant ad creatives that resonate with the target audience and fulfill the campaign's objectives, ensuring the success of the advertising efforts.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Completed Strategy Call: A strategy call with the client should have been completed.
  • Ad Campaign Brief: The ad campaign brief needs to be fully developed, outlining the campaign’s objectives, target audience, and messaging.


Why This Service?

  • Alignment with Business Goals: Ensures that the creatives are in line with the client's business goals and campaign objectives.
  • Consistency in Branding: Maintains brand consistency across all advertising materials.
  • Effective Communication: Helps designers understand the campaign’s target audience and the message that needs to be conveyed.
  • Quality Assurance: Increases the likelihood of producing high-quality and effective ad creatives.
  • Efficient Production: Streamlines the creative process by providing clear guidelines, reducing revisions and saving time.


When to Use This Service

  • Pre-Production Phase: Before the designers start working on the campaign creatives.
  • New Campaign Launch: When launching a new ad campaign that requires fresh creatives.
  • Creative Refresh: When existing campaigns require updated or new creatives.


Process for Providing Design Guidelines

  • Campaign Overview:

    • Share a high-level overview of the client's business, including brand values, target audience, and market positioning.
  • Guideline Development:

    • Develop clear and detailed design guidelines that include the campaign’s objectives, desired tone, color schemes, typography, imagery, and any brand-specific elements.
  • Briefing Session:

    • Conduct a briefing session with the designers to walk them through the guidelines and the campaign brief.
  • Creative Concepts:

    • Encourage designers to develop initial creative concepts based on the guidelines for feedback.
  • Feedback and Revisions:

    • Provide constructive feedback on the initial concepts and guide revisions as necessary.
  • Final Approval:

    • Review and approve the final creatives ensuring they meet the campaign requirements and align with the brand.
  • Support and Collaboration:

    • Offer ongoing support and collaboration opportunities throughout the creative process.
  • Documentation:

    • Provide written documentation of the guidelines for future reference.


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