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Configuring Your Facebook Ads Conversion Events




To accurately configure up to eight conversion events in your Facebook Business Manager, ensuring that your campaigns are optimized effectively under the new iOS 14 guidelines.


Ideal Outcome

Your most important eight conversions are set up in the Facebook Business Manager, ready to be used as optimization objectives for your Facebook campaigns.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Business Manager Account: Must have a Business Manager account set up (SOP 010 (web version)).
  • Facebook Pixel Installation: Facebook Pixel should be installed on your site (SOP 005 (web version) or SOP 065 (web version) for Shopify).
  • Conversion Tracking Setup: Must have set up conversion tracking (SOP 017 (web version)).
  • Domain Verification: Your domain should be verified in Business Manager (SOP 097 (web version)).


Why This Service?

  • Compliance with iOS 14: Ensures your Facebook Ads are in line with the latest iOS 14 privacy changes.
  • Campaign Optimization: Allows effective optimization of campaigns within the new constraints set by Facebook.
  • Maximize Ad Performance: Helps in selecting the most crucial conversion events that drive your campaign objectives.
  • Strategic Ad Management: Provides strategic insight into which conversion events are most beneficial for your business.
  • Avoid Campaign Disruption: Prevents any potential disruption to your campaigns due to non-compliance with the new policy.


When to Use This Service

  • Pre-Campaign Setup: Before launching any new Facebook Ad campaigns.
  • iOS 14 Updates: In response to the changes brought by iOS 14, especially if your audience largely uses Apple devices.
  • Campaign Restructuring: When reevaluating and restructuring existing campaigns to comply with the new guidelines.


Process for Configuring Aggregated Event Measurement

  • Review Current Setup:

    • Assess your current Facebook Pixel and conversion tracking setup.
  • Select Conversion Events:

    • Identify and select the eight most important conversion events for your business.
  • Configure in Business Manager:

    • Configure the chosen conversion events in Facebook Business Manager, adhering to the iOS 14 guidelines.
  • Verification and Testing:

    • Verify the correct setup and conduct tests to ensure the conversion events are tracked accurately.
  • Campaign Alignment:

    • Align your existing and future Facebook campaigns with the configured conversion events.
  • Training and Support:

    • Provide training on managing and adjusting conversion events, along with ongoing support.
  • Documentation and Compliance:

    • Document the process for your records and ensure ongoing compliance with iOS 14 updates.