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Verifying That You'Re Tracking Subdomains Correctly In Ga




To confirm and ensure that your Universal Google Analytics setup is accurately configured for tracking across all your subdomains, guaranteeing the correct collection and analysis of user and session data.


Ideal Outcome

Your Google Analytics will reliably track and report user interactions across all subdomains, providing accurate data for informed decision-making and strategy development.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Google Analytics Setup: Google Analytics should be running on your website. Follow SOP 009 (web version) for setup if necessary.


Why This Service?

  • Accurate Data Collection: Proper subdomain tracking is critical for gathering accurate data on user behavior across different site sections.
  • Reliable Reporting: Ensures that reports accurately reflect user engagement and behavior across all subdomains.
  • Informed Business Decisions: Accurate analytics data is vital for making informed decisions that affect your website and business strategy.
  • Error Identification and Resolution: Quickly identify and resolve common setup errors that can lead to skewed data.
  • Optimized Analytics Performance: A correctly configured setup maximizes the effectiveness of your analytics tools.


When to Use This Service

  • Initial Setup: When first implementing Google Analytics on a site with multiple subdomains.
  • Regular Health Checks: As a routine check to ensure your analytics configuration remains correct and effective.
  • Following Website Changes: Especially after significant updates or expansions to your website's structure.


Process for Subdomain Tracking Audit and Fix

  • Initial Configuration Review:

    • Conduct a thorough examination of your current Google Analytics setup to identify any subdomain tracking issues.
  • Problem Identification:

    • Pinpoint specific problems affecting accurate data collection across subdomains.
  • Corrective Action Implementation:

    • Implement necessary changes to the Google Analytics settings to ensure correct subdomain tracking.
  • Testing and Validation:

    • Test the revised setup to confirm that all subdomains are being tracked accurately and data is reported correctly.
  • Report Customization:

    • Adjust analytics reports to clearly reflect data from different subdomains for easier analysis.
  • Documentation and Guidance:

    • Provide comprehensive documentation of changes made and guidance on how to interpret subdomain-specific data.
  • Ongoing Support:

    • Offer continued support for any future modifications or troubleshooting related to subdomain tracking.