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Transfer Google Business Profile Ownership




To seamlessly transfer the ownership of a Google Business Profile to clients or business owners, ensuring they gain complete control over their business listing on Google.


Ideal Outcome

The successful transfer of Google Business Profile ownership, enabling new owners to fully manage and control their business listing.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Verified Google Business Profile: A Google Business Profile that is already set up and verified. If not already done, follow SOP 100 (web version) for setting up a new account.


Why This Service?

  • Ownership Control: Transferring ownership is essential for businesses to have full control over their profile, including critical actions like deleting the account.
  • Operational Efficiency: Allows business owners to manage their information, respond to reviews, and update their profile as needed.
  • Security and Privacy: Ensures that the rightful owner has control over the business information and interactions on Google.
  • Compliance with Google Policies: Adheres to Google's requirements for business profile management and ownership.
  • Smooth Transition: Facilitates a hassle-free transition for agencies handing over profiles to clients or business owners.


When to Use This Service

  • Post-Setup: Once the Google Business Profile has been set up and verified.
  • Change in Management: When there is a change in business ownership or management.
  • Agency Handoff: After an agency has completed setting up or optimizing a client's business profile.


Process for Transferring Google Business Profile Ownership

  • Ownership Eligibility Check:

    • Ensure that the current account has ownership status and the necessary rights to transfer ownership.
  • Recipient Identification:

    • Confirm the identity and email address of the new owner to whom the profile will be transferred.
  • Transfer Initiation:

    • Initiate the ownership transfer process from the Google Business Profile dashboard.
  • Verification and Confirmation:

    • Work with the new owner to verify their acceptance of the transfer.
    • Confirm successful transfer and ensure the new owner has full access.
  • Post-Transfer Support:

    • Provide guidance and support to the new owner on managing and optimizing their Google Business Profile.
  • Documentation and Records:

    • Keep records of the transfer process for compliance and reference.
  • Follow-Up:

    • Follow up with the new owner to ensure there are no issues post-transfer.


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