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Start And Manage Your Editorial Calendar




To develop a comprehensive editorial calendar that facilitates the planning, scheduling, and execution of your content marketing strategy.


Ideal Outcome

A well-structured editorial calendar that guides your team on what to publish, when, and where, eliminating last-minute content decisions and enhancing overall content quality.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Marketing Personas Knowledge: Understanding of how to create and use marketing personas to target your content effectively.
  • Keyword Strategy: A developed keyword strategy based on thorough research. If you need assistance, refer to SOP 011 (web version) for keyword research and mapping.


Why This Service?

  • Time Efficiency: Saves time by planning content in advance and avoiding ad-hoc decisions.
  • Strategic Alignment: Ensures content aligns with your marketing goals, SEO strategy, and audience preferences.
  • Team Coordination: Provides clarity and direction to all team members involved in content creation and distribution.
  • Content Consistency: Maintains a consistent flow of content, vital for audience engagement and SEO.
  • Versatility: Adaptable for various content types and platforms – blogs, social media, email marketing, etc.


When to Use This Service

  • Content Strategy Implementation: When rolling out a new content strategy.
  • Regular Content Planning: For ongoing content creation and publication.
  • Marketing Campaigns: In preparation for specific marketing campaigns or events.


Process for Creating and Managing an Editorial Calendar

  • Assess Content Needs:

    • Review your marketing goals and audience personas to determine content themes and topics.
  • Keyword Integration:

    • Incorporate your keyword strategy to enhance SEO efforts.
  • Calendar Creation:

    • Choose a format (digital, spreadsheet, software) for your calendar that suits your team's needs.
  • Scheduling:

    • Plan content topics, formats, and publishing dates. Include flexibility for timely or trending topics.
  • Assign Responsibilities:

    • Clearly designate tasks and deadlines to team members for content creation, editing, and publishing.
  • Review and Adjust:

    • Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your content and adjust the calendar as needed.
  • Integrate Across Channels:

    • Ensure your calendar encompasses all content channels – blogs, social media, email newsletters, etc.
  • Collaboration and Feedback:

    • Encourage team collaboration and feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Monitor and Report:

    • Track content performance and report findings to refine future content strategies.