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Setting Up Cross-Domain Tracking With Gtm




To correctly implement cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics, enabling the collection and analysis of traffic data across all domains under your control.


Ideal Outcome

Successful integration of cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics, providing a holistic view of user interactions across your various domains.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Google Tag Manager Installation: Google Tag Manager should be installed on all domains. For WordPress users, refer to SOP 004 (web version) for setup instructions.
  • Google Analytics Setup: Google Analytics should be running on all domains. Setup instructions are available in SOP 009 (web version).


Why This Service?

  • Unified User Journey Tracking: Provides a complete picture of the user journey across multiple domains.
  • Accurate Data Collection: Ensures all user interactions are tracked accurately, avoiding data fragmentation.
  • Enhanced Analytics Insights: Offers deeper insights into how users interact with your various web properties.
  • Informed Decision Making: Data from cross-domain tracking can inform more strategic marketing and business decisions.
  • SEO and Marketing Optimization: Helps in understanding the efficacy of marketing campaigns across different domains.


When to Use This Service

  • Adding New Domains: When integrating a new domain into your business that needs to be tracked under the same Google Analytics property.
  • Analytics Overhaul: When upgrading your analytics setup to include multiple domains.
  • Regular Analytics Maintenance: As part of ongoing maintenance to ensure accurate and comprehensive data tracking.


Process for Implementing Cross-Domain Tracking

  • Initial Setup and Configuration:

    • Configure cross-domain tracking settings in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for all relevant domains.
  • Tag Implementation:

    • Implement the necessary tags on each domain using Google Tag Manager to facilitate cross-domain tracking.
  • Testing and Verification:

    • Conduct thorough testing to ensure that cross-domain tracking is accurately capturing user movements across domains.
  • Data Integrity Check:

    • Verify the integrity and consistency of the data being collected across different domains.
  • Reporting and Analytics Setup:

    • Configure Google Analytics reports to effectively display and analyze cross-domain user interactions.
  • Training and Documentation:

    • Provide training and documentation on how to interpret cross-domain analytics data.
  • Ongoing Support and Optimization:

    • Offer ongoing support to address any issues and optimize the cross-domain tracking setup as needed.


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