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Set Up A Linkedin Lead Generation Form




To create and configure a LinkedIn lead generation form that is optimized for collecting high-quality leads through sponsored content or message ads on LinkedIn.


Ideal Outcome

A fully functional LinkedIn lead generation form, seamlessly integrated with your ad campaigns, ready to capture leads efficiently.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • LinkedIn Ad Account Access: You must have access to a LinkedIn ad account.
  • Association with LinkedIn Page: The ad account should be associated with an active LinkedIn Company Page.
  • Setup Guide: If you lack a LinkedIn Page or ad account, refer to SOP 126 (web version) for setting up a LinkedIn Company Page and SOP 128 (web version) for creating a LinkedIn Ads account.


Why This Service?

  • Effective Lead Collection: Streamlines the process of collecting leads directly through LinkedIn ads.
  • High Conversion Potential: Utilizes pre-filled forms for higher conversion rates, as users can submit their information with ease.
  • Targeted Lead Acquisition: Facilitates the collection of leads from a professional and relevant audience on LinkedIn.
  • Customizable Form Fields: Offers the flexibility to customize form fields according to the information required.
  • Integration with Ad Campaigns: Ensures seamless integration with LinkedIn sponsored content or message ads for effective lead generation.


When to Use This Service

  • Campaign Preparation: Prior to launching a lead generation campaign on LinkedIn.
  • Marketing Strategy Enhancement: When revising or enhancing your digital marketing strategy to include LinkedIn lead generation.
  • Audience Expansion: To expand your reach and acquire new leads from LinkedIn’s professional network.
  • Data Collection for Sales: When aiming to gather data that will be directly used for sales or marketing purposes.


Process for LinkedIn Lead Generation Form Setup

  • Form Creation:

    • Initiate the creation of a new LinkedIn lead generation form within your ad account.
  • Field Selection:

    • Choose and customize the fields you want to include in the form, ensuring they align with the information you need.
  • Form Configuration:

    • Configure the form settings, including privacy policy links and thank-you messages.
  • Integration with Ads:

    • Integrate the lead generation form with your sponsored content or message ads on LinkedIn.
  • Testing and Validation:

    • Test the form to ensure it's functioning correctly and efficiently collecting lead data.
  • Lead Data Management:

    • Set up a process for managing and utilizing the lead data collected through the form.
  • Performance Monitoring:

    • Regularly monitor the form’s performance within your ad campaigns to ensure optimal lead generation.
  • Optimization and Tweaks:

    • Continuously optimize the form based on performance data and user feedback.
  • Reporting and Insights:

    • Provide regular reports on the form’s effectiveness and insights into lead quality and quantity.


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