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Set Up A Linkedin Company Page




To successfully create a LinkedIn company page for your company or client, ensuring it is fully optimized for brand visibility, audience growth, and engagement.


Ideal Outcome

You will have an effectively set up LinkedIn company page, ready to promote products and services, enhance your brand presence, recruit talent, and engage with your professional community.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Personal LinkedIn Account: A personal LinkedIn account is necessary to create a company page.
  • Prerequisite Criteria: Ensure you meet LinkedIn’s specific criteria for setting up a company page, including a sufficient number of connections and a verified email address.


Why This Service?

  • Brand Promotion: Establishes a professional online presence for your brand on LinkedIn.
  • Community Engagement: Provides a platform for engaging with customers, clients, and industry peers.
  • Talent Acquisition: Facilitates recruitment by showcasing your company culture and job openings.
  • Marketing and Visibility: Enhances your marketing efforts with targeted content and LinkedIn’s networking capabilities.
  • Business Growth: Contributes to business growth by reaching a wider professional audience and potential partners.


When to Use This Service

  • Brand Establishment: When establishing your company's presence on LinkedIn.
  • Marketing Strategy Expansion: As part of broadening your digital marketing strategy to include professional networking platforms.
  • New Business or Rebranding: When launching a new business or undergoing a rebranding effort.


Process for LinkedIn Company Page Creation

  • Company Information Gathering:

    • Collect all necessary company information, including branding elements (logo, brand colors), company description, and contact details.
  • Page Creation:

    • Create the LinkedIn company page, ensuring all information is accurately and professionally presented.
  • Content Strategy Development:

    • Develop a content strategy for the page, including types of posts, frequency, and themes relevant to your audience.
  • Initial Content Creation:

    • Produce and post initial content to populate the page, such as company news, industry insights, and welcome messages.
  • Engagement Plan:

    • Create a plan for engaging with followers and other LinkedIn users, including response strategies and community management.
  • Promotion and Growth Strategies:

    • Implement strategies to promote the page and grow your follower base, such as cross-promotion on other platforms and employee advocacy.
  • Training and Handover:

    • Provide training on managing and updating the LinkedIn company page and hand over the control to you or your team.
  • Ongoing Support:

    • Offer ongoing support and advice for maintaining and growing the LinkedIn page.