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Reverse-Engineer A Competitor's Email Marketing Strategy




To meticulously reverse engineer your competitor's email marketing strategy, gaining insights into their tactics, offers, automations, split-tests, and email metrics.


Ideal Outcome

Develop a comprehensive audit document that outlines your competitor’s email marketing strategies, including detailed analysis of the types of emails they send, their promotional tactics, and the effectiveness of their campaigns.



Understanding your competitor's email marketing approach is critical. They may have refined their strategies over time, uncovering effective techniques and practices that could be beneficial for your business to adopt or adapt.


Execution Timing

  • Initial Analysis: Begin this audit as soon as possible, preferably at the early stages of your business to establish a benchmark.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Continuously monitor and update your findings at least every two months to stay abreast of any new strategies or changes in your competitor’s approach.


Key Steps

  • Gather Competitor Emails: Subscribe to your competitor's newsletters and promotional emails using a dedicated email account.
  • Analyze Offers and Content: Examine the content, offers, and the frequency of the emails to understand their engagement strategies.
  • Study Automations and Split-Tests: Identify patterns that suggest automated email sequences and any variations in their emails that might indicate split-testing.
  • Research Email Metrics: Utilize available tools and resources to estimate their email open rates, click-through rates, and other relevant metrics, if possible.
  • Compile Findings: Organize all the data and insights into a standardized audit document for easy analysis and reference.
  • Develop Insights: Analyze the data to draw actionable insights that could inform and enhance your own email marketing strategy.

Why This Service?

By closely examining your competitor’s email marketing strategies, you gain valuable insights into what works in your industry. This information can guide the refinement of your own approach, helping you to craft more effective email campaigns and strategies.