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Prioritize Your Funnel Initiatives




  • Establish a structured approach to identify and prioritize experiments for your business.
  • Develop a roadmap that aligns with growth objectives.


Ideal Outcome

  • A prioritized list of experiments and initiatives.
  • A clear and actionable roadmap for business growth.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Experiment List: A comprehensive list of potential experiments, initiatives, or business improvements that you are considering.


Why This Service Is Important

  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Ensures that time, effort, and resources are focused on high-impact experiments.
  • Strategic Focus: Helps in aligning experiments with the overall business goals and growth strategies.
  • Avoiding Overwhelm: Prevents spreading resources too thin by trying to tackle too many initiatives simultaneously.


When to Use This Service

  • When planning for a new quarter or business cycle.
  • Before implementing new experiments or initiatives.
  • When reevaluating current strategies and looking to optimize efforts.


Process Overview

  • Compile Experiment List:

    • Gather all potential experiments, initiatives, or improvements you are considering.
  • Evaluate Impact and Feasibility:

    • Assess the potential impact of each experiment on business growth.
    • Consider the feasibility, including resources, time, and expertise required.
  • Prioritize Experiments:

    • Rank experiments based on their potential impact and feasibility.
    • Use tools like the ICE (Impact, Confidence, Ease) scoring model to aid in prioritization.
  • Develop Roadmap:

    • Create a timeline and plan for implementing the top-priority experiments.
    • Allocate resources and assign responsibilities for each initiative.
  • Review and Adjust:

    • Regularly review the progress and results of ongoing experiments.
    • Be flexible to reprioritize based on new insights or changing business contexts.


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