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Perform A Facebook Ads Account Management Client Brief




To ensure that the performance team fully understands the client's business, target audience, and marketing objectives, enabling them to strategize and implement effective Facebook ad campaigns.


Ideal Outcome

The performance team has a clear and thorough understanding of the client’s business, enabling them to create and execute a Facebook ad campaign that aligns with the client's marketing goals and targets the appropriate audience effectively.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Client Kickoff Call Completion: A completed initial meeting with the client to gather key information about their business and advertising goals.
  • Onboarding Questionnaire: Ensure the client has filled in the onboarding questionnaire, providing detailed insights into their business and target audience.


Why This Service?

  • Streamlined Campaign Strategy: Provides a foundation for developing a focused and effective Facebook ad strategy.
  • Efficient Communication: Bridges the knowledge gap between the client and the performance team, fostering better communication and understanding.
  • Targeted Advertising: Helps in creating ads that resonate with the client's target audience, increasing campaign effectiveness.
  • Reduced Onboarding Time: Shortens the learning curve for the performance team, allowing for quicker campaign implementation.
  • Consistency in Marketing Efforts: Ensures all marketing activities align with the client's brand and business objectives.


When to Use This Service

  • Client Onboarding: Immediately after a new client is onboarded to ensure a smooth transition into campaign development.
  • New Campaign Planning: When planning a new campaign for an existing client to realign strategies with current business objectives.
  • Periodic Strategy Review: During regular intervals to ensure the ongoing campaigns remain aligned with the client's evolving business goals.


Process for Creating a Client Brief

  • Client Business Overview:

    • Compile information from the kickoff call and questionnaire to create a comprehensive overview of the client's business.
  • Target Audience Identification:

    • Analyze client data to identify and define the target audience for the ad campaigns.
  • Marketing Goals Clarification:

    • Establish clear marketing objectives based on the client's expectations and business needs.
  • Strategy Guidelines Formulation:

    • Develop a set of strategy guidelines that will direct the creation and execution of Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Performance Team Briefing:

    • Conduct a meeting to brief the performance team on the client's business, audience, and marketing goals.
  • Feedback Incorporation:

    • Gather feedback from the performance team and incorporate it into the brief for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Documentation and Distribution:

    • Document the brief in a clear, concise manner and distribute it to all relevant team members.
  • Continuous Updates:

    • Update the brief as necessary based on new insights or changes in the client’s business strategy.
  • Ongoing Support:

    • Provide ongoing support and clarification to the performance team as they develop and implement the campaign strategy.