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Onboard A Facebook Ads Management Client




To efficiently gather all relevant information and gain the required access to the client's Facebook Ads Manager, enabling a smooth start to managing and running Facebook ad campaigns on behalf of the client.


Ideal Outcome

Your team will have complete access to the client's Facebook Ads resources and information, ensuring you are fully equipped to start running effective ad campaigns promptly.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Facebook Business Manager Account: Access to an active Facebook Business Manager account is necessary.


Why This Service?

  • Efficient Campaign Launch: Ensures quick and efficient initiation of Facebook ad campaigns for the client.
  • Client Needs Understanding: Addresses and incorporates the client’s specific business requirements and objectives into the campaign strategy.
  • Access Management: Facilitates the process of gaining required access to the client's ad accounts and assets.
  • Streamlined Communication: Establishes clear communication channels for ongoing collaboration and feedback.
  • Comprehensive Preparation: Guarantees that all necessary information and resources are in place for successful campaign execution.


When to Use This Service

  • New Client Acquisition: When a new client signs a contract and is ready to begin advertising on Facebook.
  • Campaign Transition: If taking over existing campaigns from a client’s previous agency or team.
  • Regular Client Onboarding: As a standard procedure whenever onboarding a new client for Facebook advertising services.


Process for Client Onboarding

  • Initial Consultation:

    • Conduct an initial meeting to understand the client’s business goals, target audience, and campaign objectives.
  • Access Acquisition:

    • Guide the client through the process of granting access to their Facebook Ads Manager via Facebook Business Manager.
  • Resource Collection:

    • Gather all necessary resources, including brand guidelines, creative assets, and previous campaign data.
  • Strategy Development:

    • Develop a preliminary advertising strategy based on the client's requirements and goals.
  • Onboarding Documentation:

    • Create and provide comprehensive onboarding documentation outlining the process and next steps.
  • Client Approval:

    • Obtain client approval on the proposed strategy and access setup.
  • Team Briefing:

    • Brief your team on the client's requirements, strategy, and available resources.
  • Campaign Setup:

    • Begin the setup or transition of Facebook ad campaigns in the client's Ads Manager.
  • Ongoing Communication:

    • Establish regular check-ins and reporting protocols with the client for continuous feedback and optimization.


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