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Onboard A Client For Google Ads




To ensure a smooth client onboarding process for Google Ads campaign management, resulting in a clear understanding of client goals, secured access to required accounts, and readiness to launch campaigns promptly.


Ideal Outcome

You and your team will have all the necessary information, access, and client approval to begin creating and running Google Ads campaigns effectively.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Active Google Ads Account: Access to an active Google Ads account is essential. Ensure you have the necessary permissions to manage campaigns.


Why This Service?

  • Client Alignment: Ensures that the client's goals and objectives are clearly understood and aligned with the proposed ad campaigns.
  • Efficient Campaign Launch: Facilitates a quicker and more efficient campaign launch process.
  • Resource Optimization: Ensures optimal use of available resources and tools for campaign management.
  • Risk Mitigation: Reduces the likelihood of miscommunication and potential delays in campaign execution.
  • Strategic Planning: Allows for strategic planning of ad campaigns based on client-specific goals and market insights.


When to Use This Service

  • New Client Acquisition: When onboarding a new client for Google Ads campaign management.
  • Project Kickoff: Immediately after acquiring a signed contract from a client to start a new project.
  • Campaign Strategy Development: During the initial stages of developing a campaign strategy for a client.


Process for Client Onboarding

  • Initial Client Meeting:

    • Conduct an initial meeting to discuss the client’s business, goals, and objectives for Google Ads campaigns.
  • Account Access and Setup:

    • Ensure access to the client's Google Ads account or assist in setting up a new one if necessary.
  • Campaign Objective Clarification:

    • Clearly define and document the specific objectives and targets for the ad campaigns.
  • Resource Assessment:

    • Assess and gather all necessary resources, including creative assets, budget details, and target audience data.
  • Strategy Development:

    • Develop a tailored Google Ads campaign strategy based on the client’s goals and available resources.
  • Approval and Feedback:

    • Present the strategy to the client for approval and incorporate any feedback.
  • Campaign Preparation:

    • Prepare the campaign setup, including ad creation, targeting options, and budget allocation.
  • Client Training and Communication:

    • Provide the client with necessary training and set up lines of communication for ongoing campaign management and reporting.
  • Final Review and Launch:

    • Conduct a final review with the client before officially launching the ad campaigns.


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