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Map Your Sales Funnel




  • Create an easy-to-understand visual map of your sales funnel.
  • Identify key stages and touchpoints in the customer journey.


Ideal Outcome

  • A comprehensive and clear visual representation of your sales funnel.
  • Enhanced understanding of the sales process by team members and clients.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Google Account: Required for accessing ClickMinded's Funnel Designer tool.


Why This Service Is Important

  • Clarity in Sales Process: Visual mapping provides a clear understanding of the sales process, helping identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Strategic Planning: Assists in strategizing for funnel optimization and identifying growth opportunities.
  • Enhanced Communication: Simplifies the explanation of the sales funnel to team members and clients.


When to Use This Service

  • During the planning phase of marketing and sales strategies.
  • When reassessing or revamping your sales process.
  • For training new team members or explaining the funnel to clients.


Process Overview

  • Access ClickMinded's Funnel Designer:

    • Utilize your Google Account to access the tool.
  • Map the Sales Funnel:

    • Identify each stage of your sales process from awareness to conversion.
    • Visually represent the customer journey, including touchpoints and decision-making processes.
  • Analyze and Plan:

    • Examine the current funnel for potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies.
    • Plan improvements or strategies to optimize each stage of the funnel.
  • Collaborate and Share:

    • Share the funnel map with your team or clients for better understanding and collaboration.
    • Use the visual tool for brainstorming sessions and strategy discussions.
  • Regular Updates:

    • Keep the funnel map updated with any changes in your sales process or strategies.
    • Use the tool for ongoing analysis and optimization of your sales funnel.


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