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Link Merchant Center With Google Ads Account




To seamlessly link your Google Merchant Center to your Google Ads account, enabling you to utilize advanced advertising features and data insights for your online retail campaigns.


Ideal Outcome

Your Google Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts are successfully linked, setting the stage for enhanced campaign management and performance tracking.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Google Merchant Center Account: You need an active Google Merchant Center account. Set one up following SOP 213 (web version) if needed.
  • Google Ads Account: An active Google Ads account is required. Create one using SOP 014 (web version) if you don't have an account.


Why This Service?

  • Enhanced Campaign Capabilities: Access to retail-centric campaign tools in Google Ads, improving your advertising strategies.
  • Data Integration: Leverages the data-centric features of the Merchant Center for more informed decision-making.
  • Optimized Shopping Campaigns: Streamlines the process of setting up and managing Google Shopping campaigns.
  • Better Tracking and Reporting: Improved ability to track performance and adjust campaigns based on comprehensive data.
  • Increased Online Visibility: Enhances product visibility on Google, potentially leading to increased sales.


When to Use This Service

  • Preparing for Google Shopping Campaigns: When planning to run shopping campaigns on Google.
  • Expanding Online Marketing: As part of expanding your digital marketing strategies to include product listing ads.
  • After Setting Up Accounts: Once you have set up both Google Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts.


Process for Linking Accounts

  • Account Verification:

    • Verify that both Google Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts are active and accessible.
  • Linking Process:

    • Guide you through the process of linking these accounts within the Google Merchant Center interface.
  • Data Sharing Setup:

    • Configure the settings for data sharing between the two platforms.
  • Testing the Link:

    • Conduct tests to ensure that the link is active and data flows correctly between both accounts.
  • Campaign Setup Guidance:

    • Provide guidance on setting up your first Google Shopping campaign using the linked accounts.
  • Performance Tracking Configuration:

    • Set up tracking for key performance indicators to measure the success of your campaigns.
  • Training and Best Practices:

    • Offer training sessions on best practices for managing and optimizing Google Shopping campaigns.
  • Ongoing Support:

    • Provide ongoing support for any issues or questions related to the linked accounts


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