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Grow Your Email List With A Content Upgrade Popup




To effectively promote your content upgrade on your website using a non-intrusive popup, thereby systematically growing your email list.


Ideal Outcome

You will experience a seamless and efficient growth in your email list, fueled by a strategically placed popup offering a valuable content upgrade to your site visitors.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Sumo Installation: Your website must have Sumo installed. 
  • Attractive Content Upgrade: Prepare a compelling content upgrade, such as a PDF, worksheet, ebook, podcast, or video. This should offer substantial value, enticing visitors to exchange their email information for it.



This method is essential for organically growing your email list without negatively impacting the user experience on your website. It leverages the appeal of your content upgrade to gently encourage email sign-ups, enhancing your marketing and outreach efforts.


Execution Timing

Implement this strategy each time you have a new piece of content that you wish to offer in exchange for email addresses. This ensures a continual and fresh approach to growing your email list.


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