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Granting Access To Facebook Business Manager




To provide a structured and secure process for assigning and revoking access to your Facebook Business Manager assets, ensuring that only authorized individuals have the appropriate level of access.


Ideal Outcome

Your agency, contractors, or employees will have the necessary access to manage your Facebook assets through the Business Manager account, without having ownership or unrestricted control.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Facebook Business Manager Account: You must have a Facebook Business Manager account. If you don’t have one, set it up as per “Create a Business Manager Account” in SOP 010 (web version).
  • Asset Migration: Ensure your Facebook Page and Ads Manager are managed through the Business Manager, not a personal account. Refer to SOP 114 (web version) if needed.


Why This Service?

  • Secure Access Control: Maintains the security of your Facebook assets by ensuring only authorized access.
  • Collaboration Efficiency: Facilitates collaboration with team members, freelancers, and partners by granting appropriate access.
  • Risk Mitigation: Reduces the risk of unauthorized changes or breaches.
  • Compliance with Policies: Ensures compliance with company policies regarding asset access and management.
  • Asset Management: Streamlines the process of managing Facebook assets within a structured business environment.


When to Use This Service

  • Collaboration Initiation: When starting a collaboration with a new agency, freelancer, or employee.
  • Regular Access Audits: Periodically, to review and update access permissions as part of your asset security practices.
  • Team or Staff Changes: Whenever there are changes in your team, such as new hires, departures, or role changes.


Process for Managing Facebook Asset Access

  • Access Needs Assessment:

    • Assess the specific access needs based on the roles and responsibilities of the individuals involved.
  • Access Assignment:

    • Grant access to the appropriate Facebook assets within the Business Manager to new team members, agencies, or freelancers.
  • Access Level Determination:

    • Determine the level of access (admin, editor, etc.) for each user, ensuring it aligns with their role.
  • Revocation of Access:

    • Revoke access from individuals who no longer require it, ensuring your assets remain secure.
  • Training and Guidelines:

    • Provide training and guidelines for new users on the proper use and management of Facebook assets.
  • Audit and Compliance:

    • Regularly audit account access and maintain documentation for compliance and tracking purposes.
  • Ongoing Support:

    • Provide ongoing support and consultation for any access-related queries or adjustments.


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