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Configure Search Console Data In Google Analytics




To effectively configure and integrate Google Search Console data into Google Analytics, thereby enriching the analytics reporting capabilities.


Ideal Outcome

Successful integration leading to Google Search Console data being accurately and comprehensively reported within your Google Analytics account.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Google Search Console Setup: Must have an existing Google Search Console setup for the domain. If not set up, follow SOP020 (web version) for configuration.


Why This Service?

  • Enhanced Data Analysis: Integrating these tools provides a more detailed and insightful analysis of search data.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Leverage Google Analytics’ advanced reporting features to gain deeper insights into website performance.
  • Centralized Data: Consolidate your web analytics data in one spot for easier access and interpretation.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Use the integrated data to make informed decisions regarding SEO and overall web strategy.
  • Efficiency: Saves time and improves efficiency by having all necessary data in a single, accessible platform.


When to Use This Service

  • Initial Integration: Perform this setup once to ensure ongoing data integration.
  • New Websites: Ideal for new websites or those that have not previously integrated these tools.
  • Enhanced SEO Analysis: Whenever you need a more comprehensive understanding of your website's search performance.


Process for Integrating Google Search Console with Google Analytics

  • Verification of Setup:

    • Confirm that Google Search Console is correctly set up and that you have access to both Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts.
  • Access Configuration:

    • Ensure you have administrative access to both platforms for integration purposes.
  • Integration Setup:

    • Guide you through the process of linking Google Search Console data with your Google Analytics property.
  • Data Synchronization:

    • Ensure that data from Google Search Console is correctly syncing with Google Analytics.
  • Reporting Configuration:

    • Assist in setting up and customizing reports in Google Analytics to display Search Console data effectively.
  • Testing and Validation:

    • Perform checks to confirm that the data integration is functioning correctly and that reports are accurate.
  • Training and Support:

    • Provide training on how to interpret and utilize the integrated data for website and SEO analysis.
    • Offer ongoing support for any questions or further configurations needed.


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