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Add Social Sharing Links To Your Site




  • Integrate social sharing buttons on your website to facilitate easy sharing of content by visitors.
  • Increase content visibility and user engagement through social shares.


Ideal Outcome

  • Visitors can conveniently share website content on various social networks.
  • Increased traffic and engagement on both your website and social media channels.


Prerequisites or Requirements

  • Sumo Installation: Ensure Sumo is installed on your website. If not, refer to SOP 024 (web version) for guidance.
  • Website Access: Admin access to the website where the buttons will be implemented.
  • Social Media Accounts: Active social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) for integration.


Why This Service Is Important

  • Enhanced User Experience: Makes it easier for users to share content, improving their interaction with your website.
  • Increased Visibility: Social shares can significantly boost your content's reach and visibility.
  • Community Building: Facilitates building an online community around your content and brand.
  • SEO Benefits: Social signals can contribute positively to your website's search engine ranking.


When to Use This Service

  • New Website Launch: When launching a new site and you want to ensure maximum content exposure.
  • Website Redesign: Implementing or updating social sharing buttons during a website redesign.
  • Content Strategy Revamp: As part of enhancing your content marketing strategy for better engagement.


Implementation Process

  • Choosing Platforms:

    • Select the social media platforms most relevant to your audience for sharing.
  • Design and Placement:

    • Determine the design and placement of buttons for optimal visibility and user access.
  • Integration with Sumo:

    • Use Sumo’s tools to integrate and configure the social sharing buttons.
  • Testing:

    • Thoroughly test the buttons to ensure they work seamlessly across different devices and browsers.
  • Analytics Tracking:

    • Set up tracking to monitor the performance and usage of the social sharing buttons.
  • Feedback and Optimization:

    • Gather user feedback and make necessary adjustments for optimal performance.