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Recent Amazon AlO Search Algorithm Changes

As marketplace sellers, our entire life blood depends on something that we can only speculate about and can change at any minute. The search engine algorithms behind Amazon, eBay, Google, etc. can change without notice in ways that make or break our sales volume.

Let's take this time to talk about Amazon's recent A10 search algorithm changes.

1) Sales that originate from external links-that is, people clicking on a link to your Amazon store from another site- have had a significant boost aver paid clicks from sponsored ads.

Traditionally businesses try ta push customers to their own store, this is counterintuitive to that. If you have your own web store that isn’t a huge volume driver, consider adding an Amazon link to your website's product pages. This will increase the search rank of that particular ASIN and will lead to higher Amazon sales (which is likely your best performing marketplace).

2) Organic search still maintains a high weight in search, but the way Amazon handles keywords seems to have changed. The theme of changes within A10 is something our friends at google learned long ago: providing the best results to customers is more important than the revenue generated from pushing irrelevant ads to customers, Amazon is now prioritizing keywords it knows will perform best as it relates to what that customer is searching for, Focus on the best possible keywords that will lead to conversion. don’t fluff up your listing with the most popular search terms just to show up in the results.

3) Click through rates even without conversion positively impact your search rank Keep the days of writing titles full of top performing keywords at the expense of readability are over. Write your title clearly, there is a reason for the separate keywords field. Pictures are equally important: high quality pictures make customers click on your listing. Quality is key, just like how those annoying flashing banner ads are a thing of the past, so are ugle titles full of keyword vomit.

4) Feedback, feedback, feedback. If the recent weight increase in seller quality is any indication, Amazon is working harder to connect quality sellers with buyers, While it has always been important to have strong feedback, your return rate and how well customer: =d in A10 more than before. Our data says happy customers equal better search ranking which equals more customers.

5) Don't run out of stock. Just like on eBay, changes over recent years have minimized the impact of going out of stock, but your metrics are still are hurt by it. Using a combination of a strong inventory replenishment strategy along with throttling your price based on inventory levels can help prevent down ranking within search, Completely avoiding an out of stock situation isn't possible, but by slowly decreasing your sales prices as inventory depletes then raising it back y comes back in will keep your listing active without a lapse. We estimate that Amazon is considering 6 months of sales history in search ranking, don't let your inventory run out for much of that time.

You can use all of these tips yourself or reach out to Vesta 9 for help today. Our digital strategists can show you how to quickly update your SKU library to conform to the 2019 A10 changes to maximize your search rank and sales volume.


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