About Us

Our History

After years of success in the wholesale e-commerce fields, software consulting our partners decided to split off and bring their knowledge of process automation, systems integration and efficiency improvements to other businesses.

Our Mission

Many consultants walk-in, tear everything apart, implement a new process and leave. We believe in staying with our clients long term to insure success on all levels. With S9 Consulting you don't just gain a consultant, you gain a trusted partner. We carefully choose our clients for long term engagements.

Our Strategy

We believe in selecting a key internal team to work with and making them part of the process from the beginning. This method doesn't rely on an internal champion, it brings everyone into the process so that we form a solution together.

The solutions

We offer integration and e-commerce solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Take a look below at a sampling of the services we have provided to our clients.

Live Reporting in Airtable

Online Marketplaces

Executive Dashboards

Usage Based Ordering

Cloud Accounting & Inventory

100% tailored workflows

Multi-Website Platform

Inventory Feeds

CRM Integration

Returns Management System

Customer Portal

E-mail & Video Marketing

Slack Integrations

Phone System Reporting

Consumer Direct Site

Business-to-Business Website

Retail & Facebook Store


See our solutions pages for more details on specific solutions tailored to Small Business sellers. We specialize in process automation through systems integration so if you have any needs outside of what we offer please reach out as about 80% of our work are new solutions customized to the our clients needs.