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Adapting technology to fit your workflow.



After years in the wholesale e-commerce and software development fields, we decided to bring our knowledge of process automation, software development, systems integrations, and efficiency improvements to other businesses.


Many consultants walk-in, tear everything apart, implement a new process and leave. We believe in staying with our client's long-term to ensure success on all levels. With S9 Consulting you don't just gain a consultant, you gain a trusted partner. We carefully choose our clients for long-term engagements.


We believe in selecting a key internal team to work with and making them part of the process from the beginning. This method doesn't rely on an internal champion, it brings everyone into the process so that we form a solution together.


At S9 we believe in adapting technology to fit your business, not the other way around. First, one of our senior consultants will analyze your current data flow and application usage. With that data, our team will design a single application that combines the majority of the functionality you need into a single interface. Switching applications for different tasks and managing data in a tabular, excel-like format is extremely inefficient. We design business tools with efficiency in mind; why click 3 times for a task when one will do? Our applications result in greater efficiency in our client's workflows, more transparency for management, and a simpler staff onboarding process.


Small and medium businesses today are required to use a half dozen or more applications to run their businesses. You put the sale into your CRM (Hubspot, Nutshell, Pipedrive, etc.) then it goes to an e-signing service like Docusign, Pandadoc, or SignNow. After that, you have to create the invoice in Quickbooks or Xero and send the payment link. Then when it is all done you set up the customer in your task manager like Asana, Monday, or Teamwork. The work hasn't even started yet and you have already used four applications, likely one more if you using a digital phone like Google Voice, Ring Central, or Dialpad. 

Our developers have years of experience integrating these applications and ones like them so that all of the data stays in real-time sync. No more double entries, no more errors. Our proprietary Certus platform does all the heavy lifting. Once the data is entered in one place, Certus works behind the scenes instantly pushing it into the other applications. Since our platform is custom built from the ground up with this in mind, any synchronization scenario is possible.


Our team of in-house web developers and graphic designers can build your site quickly and efficiently. Collectively we have designed and launched hundreds of websites across industries including retail, e-commerce, insurance, non-profit, manufacturing, restaurants, and more.

You will meet with a senior consultant and get an understanding of your business, followed by an initial and final review meeting. The engagement will require as much or as little involvement as you would like. Whether you want significant input in the design process or prefer a turnkey solution so that you can focus on your business, we can accommodate.


Successful marketing campaigns are the result of a synthesis between an understanding of the market and aggressive data analysis. Our team will begin to understand your business and create social media and paid marketing campaigns around the value-centric data points we identify. Over time we will hone your campaigns to maximize conversion and achieve the lowest customer acquisition cost possible.



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