We offer a suite of solutions specifically tailored for retailers. We under that your needs are different than someone with fifty thousands individual products. The last thing a retailer needs is a product that is too complex and inhibits your ability to do what you do best. Our retail solutions can fit everything from an individual flower shop to a multi-location variety store.

Retail & Facebook Webstores

As a retailer it is important to have a strong online presence to support your name. The first step is a webstore that not only highlights your business but allows you to merchandise your best selling times and give your customer a place to purchase. In this day and age, social media is often more important than a web store. We offer the best of both worlds by integrating into your Facebook page and giving your customers a way to purchase from you directly on Facebook.

Marketplace Integration

It is important to have an established brand on marketplaces likes eBay, Amazon, Jet and Walmart. We partnered with the leading marketplace management tool in the world, Channel Advisor. We can integrate your systems with Channel Advisor, perform the initial product launch, calculate exact breakeven points and maintain the marketplaces both domestically and abroad going forward.

Usage Based Ordering

Most small and mid-size inventory systems rely on the concept of re-order points to help with inventory replenishment. The problem with re-order points is that they have to be adjusted to compensate for increased or decreased sales and that adjustment often doesn’t happen across the board or at all. This leads to missed sales because you are out of stock and heavy inventory on slow moving products. Our usage based inventory replenishment system looks at actually sales, lead times, days a product is out of stock and many other data points to make re-order recommendations. Using this method you look at inventory levels as days in stock versus quantity on hand which leads to a much tighter turn rate.

Slack Integration

Keep your team connected with cutting edge communication software. We integrate key data points from your inventory and sales management systems. This includes alerts when backordered items come in stock, alerts when management intervention is required, sales alert and more.


*Remember, this is just a sampling of some of projects we have done. The majority of our work is in custom development so if there is anything you need not on this list we likely have the knowledge and resources to complete it.