One-Time Support Software

We use a remote support tool called Splashtop. It is an industry leading, secure remote access service.

By clicking the link below you will download and install an application called Splashtop SOS Support. When you run the application you will receive a 9-digit code, simply provide us with that code so that we can login. Please note that this is a one-time use code and once we log out you will need to provide us with a new code to login again in the future.

Rest assured that your systems are fully secure. Our access to the remote machine is restricted to this single support session, by known IP address, two factor authentication and is fully logged. 

Install One-time Support Tool

Un-Attended Support Software

There are certain cases where our clients grant us unattended access. This means that you are installing a program on your computer that gives us access to that machine without a one-time code like the above solution. This is often the case for servers or during large projects where remote support is frequent. 

Please note that if you install the software below, we will have access to the machine it is installed on until you uninstall it or ask us to revoke the access token.

Install Un-Attended Support Tool