We offer a suite of solutions specifically tailored for product manufacturers. Whether you simple manufacturer and have a few clients or are already selling to retailer, distributors and customers globally we have solutions that can help.

Airtable Products & Customer Integration

This will serve as a foundation for your business. Instead of running reports, this is where you will see realtime data for all aspects of your company. This includes products, inventory, sales, customers, accounts receivable and more. Data will be summarized and detailed at every level giving your realtime business intelligence from any device. Read more ...

Marketplace Integration

It is important to have an established brand on marketplaces likes eBay, Amazon, Jet and Walmart. We partnered with the leading marketplace management tool in the world, Channel Advisor. We can integrate your systems with Channel Advisor, perform the initial product launch, calculate exact breakeven points and maintain the marketplaces both domestically and abroad going forward. 

Consumer Direct Website

You sell your distribution partners are a lower price because they are doing the work to acquire the customer. If the customer comes to your website directly and is willing to pay MSRP, it only makes sense to give them that option and keep all the profit for yourself. We will create a website that not only showcases your brand and product information but also gives customers a way to purchase. Whether you want to fill that order from your warehouse or send it down to someone in your sales chain, we have the systems to support it. 

Inventory Feeds

Your customers need access to automated inventory feeds. We can configure and manage feeds via CSV or XML delivered by e-mail or FTP. We will deliver live product inventory data including the high quality art and content from your product library. Our system can also be customized to work directly with your larger customers systems in the event they need a more advanced implementation.

CRM Integration

We work with multiple cloud based CRM systems and can fully integrate your customers, products and accounts receivable into them. We will integrate all relevant data points from your inventory and accounting systems.

Returns Management System

We have a fantastic solution to manage your RMA workflow. Our solution will simplify the process for both the customers and your internal team. The system allows you to manage and control the workflow making the RMA process manageable and scalable.

Customer Portal

One of the biggest complaints from customers in the wholesale business is the inability to perform self-service account tasks. We will build a portal where they can see their account balance, status of orders, credits and returns. We can also include a communications platform so that your customers can communicate with you via phone, text or chat with a single click.

Video & E-mail Marketing

We will work with our designers and video production partners to make cost-effective marketing material for your business. Whether you want to produce high quality product demo videos or sending semi-weekly sales e-mails to your customer base we have the team members and partnerships to take it on.

Slack Integration

Keep your team connected with cutting edge communication software. We integrate key data points from your inventory and sales management systems. This includes alerts when backordered items come in stock, alerts when management intervention is required, sales alert and more.

Phone System Reporting

We will integrate with your VOIP phone system so that you can see live phone status and call logs linked with customer accounts and orders. This will give you critical insight to make sure you have up to date contact information on all customers in case the sales person leaves and make sure that the sales person is spending their phone time with customers yielding the highest sales and profit. Again, all in real time.

Accounting & Inventory Management

To maximize your efficiency, expandability and scalability we recommend moving from Quickbooks Enterprise or other client side platforms to a modern inventory management and account system. The easiest transition is to migrate from Quickbooks Enterprise to a combination of Xero and Unleashed Software. We handle everything from inventory transition, chart of accounts creation, balance conversion and transition.

Executive Dashboard

You and your management team are busy, looking at detailed reports all day typically isn’t an option. We will build you an executive dashboard that you can view on your mobile device, computer or a dedicated television in your office. The dashboard will include relevant KPIs (key performance indicators) focused on sales, phone usage, inventory, returns and warehouse flow.


*Remember, this is just a sampling of some of projects we have done. The majority of our work is in custom development so if there is anything you need not on this list we likely have the knowledge and resources to complete it.