Airtable Products & Customers

Airtable is a platform for stores large amount of data and accessing it on any devices from anywhere in the world. Airtable is a fantastic product, but the real magic comes through integration. We have developed a suite of software aimed at collection, aggregating and analyzing our customers data and presenting in a way that can be both high level and granular at the same time. While most of customers go beyond our three core integrations, we will focus on this for this page.


Product library

The heart of any manufacturer or distributor is product. The first step is populating your key product data like item #, UPC, weight, case quantity, etc. The next (and most important) is art and content. In the age of e-commerce having high quality imagery and detailed description is integral in closing the sale. Lastly, we integrate your products table with your inventory system to show as much or as little as your want.

When done you can share with your customers with a couple simple clicks. Whether you want to share a single record, a subsection or the entire database it is just as easy from your smart phone, tablet or desktop. 


Keeping track of customer contact info, orders, etc. is pretty easy right? What about returns rates, net profitability by line, net profitability by time period or how close they are to each of your running sales promotions?

Our customers module brings your customer data into Airtable in a way that allows you quickly move from customer to customer and from an overview to item level sales details. Your team will be empowered with the data necessary to make quick and informed decisions on the spot. 

sales team

Any manufacturer or distributors knows that the key to stable and growing sales revenue is in proper management and coaching of the sales team. Our sales analysis module allows you see high level and granular details about all of your sales activity. This type of visibility allow you to identity, fix and recover from any issues become it is too late.

Whether your sales team is inside or out, our customer sales implementation allow you keep an eye on all aspects of sales from a quick glance on your phone while stuck in traffic. Of course you can still go full throttle on the desktop version and easily drill into specific customers or orders to get any more insight.